How To Make 20k In A Month? Earn $20,000 Dollars A Week in Louisville-Kentucky

Published Jun 19, 21
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How To Make 20k In A Month? Earn $20,000 Dollars A Week

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They quite rightly point out that great time management is the ‘golden thread that connects all successful entrepreneurs’. You only have limited amount of time - how to make money online. The more time you waste, the lower will be your productivity and sales. As a business owner time is your most valuable resource, and how you use it will strongly influence your success.

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Social media, Social media is the newest toy for the business world. Every pundit will tell you this is how you engage your customers. And social media absolutely can be a powerful tool, but only in moderation. In truth, if social media is distracting you from the important parts of your business, it is costing you money, not making it.

The one that will take least effort to deliver the highest return. When you know who you should be selling to:Your marketing expenditure isn’t wasted on people who don’t care, and who could become frustrated with irrelevant ads (these people certainly won’t be easy converts)You can tailor your strategy to the ideal client, because you know so much more about them than a general ‘audience’, making your ads more engaging and effective, Your product, and variations and iterations, will be easier to create, because you have a clear idea of the person, and are keeping in check with their specific needs, as they evolve, To get this clear picture, you need to have a good idea about your ideal client’s age, location, interests, job structure, work-life balance, frustrations, needs, business goals, etc (how to make 20k a month).

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Though you’ll need to put a good deal of effort into this, the payback is going to be huge. Like the Pareto Principle says, you’ll find that 20% of your current effort and time delivers 80% of your results. So, what should you do now? Fill out this template to work out who your ideal client is.

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Now, you can (and should) use social media to target your ideal customers. Inbound marketing is a proven way to attract visitors and create leads all the way down your sales funnel. And, when you create content that is more highly targeted – because you know your ideal customer – you should improve the customer experience and boost your conversion rate.

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Think about how people hate being bombarded with ads on Facebook. People are also becoming more wary of social media as a communication channel that can be trusted. Combine these factors, and you’ll understand why more people are turning to referrals. This is where your network can be employed to work for you.

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As soon as you have identified your ideal customer, it’s time to start engaging your network in your drive for more highly productive customers. Here’s your action point:Ask for one referral from 5-10 people who know and who trust you. It really is that simple. Step Four: Use a sales script, When you or one of your team make a sales call, it’s important to sound confident, make a good impression, cover all the points that must be addressed, and get all the information needed.

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You don’t want to look amateurish by calling back for a piece of information that you forgot to ask for. A sales script will help you avoid all the common mistakes made on sales calls – but only if you use it effectively. It isn’t something you want to read out verbatim.

So, get comfortable with your sales script, and be prepared with questions and answer that are slightly ‘off script’ to cover possible answers you receive, questions you are asked, and to help the flow of conversation that will build rapport. After training salespeople at Coca-Cola for 18+ years, I learnt firsthand the power of a sales script. how to make 20k a month.

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To take the first steps to developing an effective sales script, use these sales triage questions that we’ve shared with BLG Accelerate members, and tailor to suit your own needs. Step 5: Follow Up, Not following up on any sales call is a huge mistake to make. How often have you been contacted by a salesperson, and you’ve shown interest? Perhaps your interest in a product or service has been encouraged by a blog you’ve read.

Or you’ve waited by the phone for that follow-up call. Again, nothing. When this happens, you give up. Or you move on, find another company offering the same product or service, and deal with them. I see BLG Accelerate members leaving money on the table all the time. In one Harvard Business Review study, it was found that firms who attempted to contact a customer within one hour of receiving a query were “nearly seven times more likely to qualify the lead”.



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